Steps for Creating a Custom Form in Oracle Apps

By | August 7, 2012
Steps for Creating a Custom Form in Oracle Apps

1. Copy template.fmb form from your AU_TOP folder and rename it

2. Change the when new form instance trigger and replace name of form with forms’s name employee

3. It is always better to use newblock/canvas and window of your own and then subclass it

4. Write the window name in app_custom.close_window procedure to close your form on clicking the close button. Code should look like this (Assume my window name is EMPLOYEE) if (wnd = EMPLOYEE’) then app_window.close_first_window; elsif (wnd = ”) then

5. In Form Module Property, Set the First Navigational Block to any of your Data Block

6. In Pre- Form Trigger, set the Window Name app_window.set_window_position(‘ALERT_CONC_REG’, ‘FIRST_WINDOW’);

7. Move your Data Block/Canvas/Window as first block in the data block/Canvas/ Windows section respectively

8. Set the canvas name for from window properties pallet

9. Save the Form and put it the AU_TOP folder Compile the form using following command frmcmp_batch module=LSG_MYFORM.fmb userid=apps/clone123 output_file=/u01/appl/TEST/apps/apps_st/appl/per/12.0.0/forms/US/LSG_MYFORM.fmx Note: make sure that form is placed in the specific application’s folder