Oracle HRMS Interview Questions – Part 1

By | August 5, 2014

In the series of Oracle HRMS Overview, It is the collection of Oralce HRMS interview questions. These questions are gathered from different websites and on the basis of my work experience.

1. Can you call pl/sql package functions from within a Fast Formula?

Yes, It is done through Define Function screen in HR. In this screen we can register the pl/sql as “External Function” and reference it in Fast formula definition


2. If we want to pass a parameter PAYROLL_ID to this external pl/sql Function, how do we do it ?

The “Define Function” screen has a button named “Context Usage”. It contains all those context variables that are available for that formula type, you can reference these variable in pl/sql package function as a parameter.

All context variables registered in function need to be in the same order as are defined in pl/sql package function. While calling the this function in fast formula, we dont pass context parameters.

3.  How do you Debug a Fast Formula?

You can create a message variable in Fast Formula.This message variable must also be registered as a Formula Result( In “Formula Result Rule” window).

4. What are the various levels where you can Set up Payroll Costing Accounts?

Element Entry => Highest
Assignment => Second Highest
Organization => Third Highest
Element Link => Fourth Highest
Payroll => Fifth Highest

5. From which tables we can identify that an Employee has been terminated?
The Person_Type_ID in PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F will correspond to System Person Type EX_EMP. Record gets updated in table PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE with Actual_Termination_date being not null

6. How can you make Employee Number generation Automated based on business rule etc.

There is a Fast Formula where we can configure the logic to generate the employee number

7.  What is the difference between per_people_f and per_all_people_f?

PER_PEOPLE_F is a secured view on top of PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F table. The secure view uses an API hr_security.show_person. This API internally checks for an entry in table PER_PERSON_LIST for the logged in person’s security profile. 

8. If you do personalization at both FUNCTION level and Responsibility level, which personalization has higher precedence?

Responsibility level will override function level personalizations.

9. Can we delete a wrongly created employee ?

To delete all records of a person: (Answer taken from Oracle Implementation Guide)

    • Query the person in the Delete Person window and choose the Delete Person button.

If there is a contact for the person you are deleting, there are two possibilities:

    • If the only information held about the contact is the basic person details entered in the Contacts window, then the record of the contact is deleted.
    • If there is other information held about the contact (for example, assignment or applicant information), the contact is not deleted. However, the record of their relationship to the person you are removing from the system is deleted.

10. How to rehire a terminated employee after a certain time period.

1. Set your effective date to the new hire date and query the ex-employee in the People window.

2. In the Type field, select Employee. The Hire Date field displays your effective date.

3. Save your work.

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