9 Steps to become Oracle Apps Consultant

By | October 21, 2014

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About Myself and Contents in this Article?
Who should read this article?
Introduction to Oracle ERP Consultant Types
Challenges to Enter into Oracle Apps Fields
Solution to Challenges
Step 1 – Decide your type of consultancy
Step 2 – Create your resume
Step 3 – Decide your type of consultancy
Step 4 – Read some step by step implementation Guides
Step 5 – Find/ Prepare Case Study
Step 6 – Create a Pool of Interview Questions
Step 7 – Register on all Job sites and apply on all relevant job
Step 8 – Prepare an interview lost questions log
Step 9 – Be Patient, Consistent and Optimistic

About Myself and Contents in this Article?

This article is about journey to become oracle apps consultant. It introduces its audience with an approach that is authentic and tested to become Oracle Apps consultant either from Oracle Developer background or from non apps technical side.  Approach discussed in it equally holds true for functional side as well. It speaks loud and mentors you throughout your transitional period.

I am an experienced Oralce HRMS Techo Functional Consultant and Trainer. I started my professional career as legacy Oracle Developer and gradually converted myself into Oracle Apps technical consultant and then to Oracle Apps techno functional consultant. Sometimes people get entry point easily by chance but it did not happen in my case. I had to create entry point by myself and I have faced lots of challenges and pains during this transitional phase.

I find many people in the same phase facing the similar challenges that I had gone through. As I am a strong believer of sharing knowledge and experiences so I decided to share all of my journey experiences and give suggestions based on my learned lessons so that my fellow learners can draw a roadmap for themselves and can achieve the results effectively in shorter time. Back to Top

Who should read this article?

This article is useful for people falling in any of the category mentioned below
• Newbies to Oracle apps
• Programmer/ Developers (especially Oracle Developers) who want to switch into Oracle Apps
• Oracle Apps Functional Consultant who want to learn technical skills
• Oracle Apps Technical Consultant who want to Learn Functional Skills Back to Top

Introduction to Oracle ERP Consultant Types
First let me tell the main types of consultants in Oracle Apps

Technical Consultants: Mainly responsible for technical aspects of Oracle Apps. It requires the mastry to certian technical tools like Oracle Forms, Oracle Report, XML Publisher, Oracle Discoverer, Workflow Builder, Table Structures of Oracle Apps Modules, and Experience of using APIs etc etc. There is a lot more to Add.

Functional Consultants: They are experts of applications modules. They understand business as well. Their main responsibility is to maintain the smooth operations of application. Mainly liaison with business users, guide them. Give them solutions.

Techno Functional Consultants: They are experts in both technical and functional fields. Some companies prefer to hire techno functional as it will be cost effective for them to hire one person with both skills. For a technical person, it is easier to become functional consultant but vice versa is difficult.

DBA: They are mainly the custodians of Apps application software and database. Their role is to take back ups, upgrades, applying patches. They maintain the health of system and take effective measures to keep it well. Back to Top

Challenges to Enter into Oracle Apps Fields

The biggest barrier to enter into oracle apps field is the lack of implementation experience. For every oracle apps vacancy, Oracle Apps prior experience with atleast 2 to 3 implementation is mentioned as mandatory qualification.

This challenge becomes more bigger when you have technical experience in non-apps field like Oracle Developer etc. In such case, you are not welcomed for a good job at any door. In such a situation, you end up with only two options a. Either accept any entry level job with least salary (which might not be practical and feasible for an experienced person) b. Wait till some job vacancy comes and accepts non experienced persons (Which rarely happens by the way).

In order to cope up with this situation, people go for oracle apps trainings, there are a lot of training institutes available online and offline, where you can get Oracle Apps training to get a walkthrough of Oracle Apps. But to tell you, it also does not work most of times. Because with such training you might get an entry level job but no one will give a good job because of lack of practical experience. So whats the solution then? In coming paragraph, i am going to show you some tips and guideline which will definitely help you and enlighten your vision.
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Solution to Challenges
Pictorial presentation of solution roadmap

Steps to Oracle Apps Consultant

9 Steps to become Oracle Apps Consultant

Step 1 Decide your type of consultancy / Modules/ Tools & Technologies

The first thing that you should do in the transition from Oracle Developer to Apps Consultant journey is to analyze the available consultancy roles and select what suits your interest. Decide either you want to work in pure technical role or you want to work with users as functional expert or you want to work both technically or functionally. Being a techno functional is a quite challenging job as it requires a lot of things to grasp at same time.

Second thing you should focus on some modules. Select any modules that is near your prior experience and existing knowledge. As per my understanding HR is the easiest module to start with.

Third thing is to make a list of all tools and technologies that are involved in oracle apps and what you already have in your hand. Highlight the ones you know and underline the ones that you don’t know. Back to Top

Step 2 Create your resume

This is most important step in this journey. I have seen most of the people put this step in last whereas it should be first important thing to prepare once you are aware of basic of Apps and ready to move into oracle apps world.

While creating the resume decide how much experience you want to show into your resume and accordingly fill the data in your resume. Assume you decide that you will project yourself as a two years Apps experience. You will fill those tool and technologies that should be suitable for a two years experience guy. This is a bit tricky and cumbersome job to do. It will be tough for you to analyze and decide. You can check the resumes of people from linked in or from internet to get an ide.

Believe me, this is main thing that will give you a foundation to move ahead. All your activities would be according to resume that you will develop.

Some people might disagree with this cheat approach but actually its not because although you dont have real time experience but by going through this exercise, you will polish up your skills and will bring up to the level so that you can justify not only in the interview but at your job as well. Back to Top

Step 3 Define your road map

At this level, you will be defining the road map. You should measure you existing skills and knowledge and then compare with the skill set you needed as per your resume created in step above. Accordingly find the right training or course whatever is feasible and needed as per your case.

This road map will vary from person to person and place to place. like in Middle east there is high demand of HRMS consultant but in European countries Financial consultant are more in demand (As per my experience and survey on Job Forums). Back to Top

Step 4 Read some step by step implementation Guides available online

Till this point you have not started any practical work, but you have done the most important part of your journey to become Oracle Apps consultant. Now you exactly know what are your needs and what exactly you are looking for.
Step by Step Books
There are many step by step learning books available on the internet especially articles and books written by Mr. Sikandar Hayat, you can reach his basic articles on his site. These must be your first things to study then go through the oracle student books then you should jump to implementation books. If you will change the order, it might be difficult for you to grasp if you are learning the things are your own.

Get Training Online/ Offline
It is wise strategy to take a training. Now a days, you can get online training on very cheap rates especially indian companies can provide you this option on very competitive rates and on flexible timings, so i suggest the newbies to go for some cheap option and get some training. This will help you to get quick insight and will surely reduce your learning journey and time. Get training either online or offline. Back to Top

Step 5 Find/ Prepare Case Study
At this stage you will implement whatever you have learned in the previous step.

For Technical consultant
They can try developing few reports, 2 or 3 forms customization, few alerts, usage of API, write any interface. At every step you will remember your resume and will follow the things that should complement your contents mentioned in your resume. All these should be based on real time requirement that you can take from your trainer or any person in your contacts who is working in real time environment. He can provide you lots of requirement which are genuine and easy for you to develop. You will write these things in your resume as a justification for your work and knowledge.

As per my experience, Mostly interviewer asks from the things that you mention in your resume. Therefore it is recommended to write only those things that you have done and you can justify.

For Functional Consultants
If you have opted for functional side, you can follow any simple implementation by following any of the step by step implementation guide available on the internet as i reference above. This will give you a confidence while you will take interview and join your dream job of oracle apps as a consultant.

If you dont have your own instance, you can use solutionsbeacon. It is a good platform your new functional consultants to start with. Back to Top

Step 6 Create a Pool of Interview Questions

If you have gone through above mentioned all step, this is the right time you should build a pool of interview questions. You may be knowing a lot if you are not well prepared for interview, you might lose the chance. There are many websites, that have list of interview questions, interview tests. You should go through all and go through them.

Purpose of interview questions are not only to appear in the interview but some time by going through interview questions, you may also come to know any new topic that you even dont know or that you knew at some point of time but you have forgotten now.

Another very important thing to find the real time issues list: You might not find it on the net. For this you have to reach to people who are really working and ask them the practical issues they face while work. Because this is most important thing that can impress your interviewer.

For Technical Consultants:
You can also make a pool of technical issues that you can face while at work. For this you have to rely on your trainer or you can get it from your friends working in real time environment. I have also created a section for practical issues on this site.

For Functional Consultants:
You can make a list of 10 practical issues that can occur while processing the payroll. Mostly in the interviews, interviewer asks what type of work you do or what are support issues you have faced while at work. So you can tell these things to him. I have also created a section for practical issues on this site. Back to Top

Step 7 Register on all Job sites and apply on all relevant job

At this step you are ready to take off, register yourself on all available job sites with the resume that you had prepared in the step one. Now you know everything you had mentioned in your resume. You can even justify the years you have mentioned in your resume.

Don’t hesitate to apply and appear in the interview because by taking the interview, you will learn your weak areas to improve and slowly you will improve and get confidence. Back to Top

Step 8 Prepare an interview lost questions log

Believe me, at my first interview in Abu Dhabi (UAE), i was badly knocked out because i answered the theory question but when interviewer asked about what practical issues i have faced, i was not ready for that. Later on, i made a pool of such practical scenarios for my self and in later interview, this scheme worked well.

Therefore i recommend to follow up the steps that i have mentioned above and last but not the least things all questions that you will miss in the interview, add them in you interview questions pool.

Good Approach
At the end of every interview, interviewer gives a chance to interviewee to ask questions, At that moment, you can ask the questions that you had missed in the interview and tell the interviewer that you want to learn. It will give a message to interviewer that you are greedy to learn and same time you will get the knowledge of thing that you dont know. Back to Top

Be Patient, Consistent and Optimistic

Its time now to try try again. This step involve lots of patience and optimism. The most important thing is to maintain the consistency. Becoming oracle apps is not that difficult, the only thing that matters is your will, hard work and approach for action. I have seen people crafting their world through following the above mentioned steps. In the last i want to say it loud that “Opportunities are always there, you are just supposed to explore them”. Good Luck. Back to Top

If have like contents in this post and you think it can be helpful to others, please share it at least once in your circle, in this way, you will join me in my cause to Learn Share and Grow. Come on, Lets Grow Together.

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