Enable Diagnostic Examine Option in Oracle Apps

By | October 26, 2014

Problem Statement:
While working in oracle, you might want to know the detail through Diagnostic->Examine option, but when you try to open the examine form, you end up with following message. Function not available to this responsibility: Change responsibilities or contact your system 

Following is the error screen..



This error comes because, you don’t have right because to avail this feature. There is one profile option that is restricting you to do so.

Solution: Set Profile option to enable Diagnostic Examine

Go to System Administrator responsibility


Go to Profile Option Screen by following the navigation shown below


On the Profile Form, Enter the Util%Diagn% and click Find button


Following profile option will be showed, By default its value is No. You can set its value to Yes according to your requirement. For example i have enabled it at Site Level, By doing so Diagnostic->Examine option will be enabled at site level.


save the record. Now go to your actual form and retry to open the Examine option as shown below


Now the Examine form is opened as shown below.


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