Enable OAF Personalization for any specific user

By | December 5, 2014

OAF Personalization

In this series of Oracle HRMS Overview article, This article demonstrates the step by step navigational flow for enabling  Personalization link on OAF Pages.

Login to System Admin

OAF Personalization

Open the screen, Following Screen Appears

Enable Personalization


Enter the User Name (for which you want to enable the self service personalization) in the ‘user name’ field and in the profile text field enter the value as shown below

Personalize Region


Click find button, following screen appears



Under the user column against ‘Personalize Self Service Defn’, Select Yes as shown below


Select Yes option

OAF Personalization

Click Save button to save the changes

Now Find the Other Profile Option for same user as shown below

OAF Personalization

Select  Yes and Save it

OAF Personalization

Click on Save button to save the recc


OAF Personalization


Select Yes and Save

OAF Personalization

Once option is displayed, Select Yes under User column.

Clear the global cache from Functional Administrator responsibility and Login again, This time personalization link will be enabled for the User ‘600600’ selected while setting the profile option


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