Solved Issue for Empty Email Notification

By | January 29, 2015

Issue Topic : Email Notification is received Empty to users

Issue Detailed Description :
We have configured OLM for our business group. Upon enrolling the learners, Notifications are being generated and Learners are able to see them in their learner self service. But through email the notifications they are receiving does not contains any body. It contains only Subject Part. we need to find out what is the problem and its suggested solution.


In User Preferences, There is an option of Email Style. Make sure that it should be ‘HTML mail with attachments’ in order to receive the notification contents in the email body. It was set Plain set in my case. So i updated the Email Style to ‘HTML mail with attachments’ through this API. After updating it, users started receiving full notification contents in their email.

You need to set this value for all users to whom you want to send email notification with complete details.

cursor cu_user
select name

from wf_roles
where 1=1
and orig_system=‘PER’
and name in (‘farhan.qamar’); –Name Refers to user name
for r in cu_user loop
end loop;