Disable Self Service Personalization

By | February 2, 2015

Issue Description

Is there any way we could ignore all self service personalization. We want to test a scenario where we want that system should work as per standard options and effect of all personalization should be ignored?


Login to System Admin Responsibility and click on system function following the navigation mentioned in figure below

Disable Personalization

Following Screen Appears

Self Service Personalization

Such option should be set at user level.

Select check box of User and enter the User Name and in the profile field enter the profile option name Disable Self-Service Personal and click on find button

Self Service Personalization

As a result, following screen will appear. This profile is ‘No‘ at site level by default. Set the value ‘Yes‘ as shown below

Disable Self Service Personalization

Save it and clear global cache. You can get the steps to clear global cache from here.

As soon as cache is cleared, warning message will start appearing on the login page. Find the screen shot below to see the message appearing on login screen.

Disable Self Service

This message will appear on all self service pages in the application.

Disable Self Service Personalization

You should change this profile option again to No once your investigation is completed.

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