WISTU – What I Suggest to U

By | February 10, 2015

WISTU is my invented term. It is an acronym for WHAT I SUGGEST TO YOU. It is about a mindset of helping others, Its related to aggregating of best knowledge in one place, Its like self mentor ship program, Its like holding one’s hand and directing him to the right direction.

For a beginner, the biggest challenge is the starting point and for a professional the biggest is to find foot prints for advancement. There are thousands of bloggers and hundreds of books already available on the internet. In such a competitive environment it becomes difficult to select the best resources especially when you are at beginner stage.  It is also a common observation that sometimes we try to find some article that we had used earlier does not gets located again.


So the idea in my mind is to search and collect the quality resources and create a suggestive post (I shall name such posts as WISTU Posts from now onwards) for a topic and share the reference links in the recommended sequence. In this way, it will be very helpful for readers and such posts will prove as a reference for best authentic resources (articles, books and videos etc).

When i started my blog ‘Oracle HRMS overview’, i though that i would create best articles suitable for need of beginners, mid level and experts. But to be honest, there is lot more already available. What i found missing were WISTU Posts. So i have planned to create WISTU posts instead of writing on topics for which already dozens of article exist.

Note: Its not that i shall leave writing blogs, the idea is why should i waste my energy to create the similar content again. I could use that time more productively writing some thing that is not available in good quality.

Hey, i dont have any intention to copy the contents, i shall only suggest the reliable resources in recommended sequence. 🙂

In this way i shall be playing my role by contributing towards society and helping the people to Grow. If you have liked my idea of such aggregation, please encourage me by liking this post and commenting on it. If i get atleast 100 likes on Oracle HRMS Overview facebook page, i shall consider it a formal go ahead on such approach. Come on, Join with me through my blog and Let’s Grow Together.

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