Great Opportunity For Oracle Apps Beginners

By | May 13, 2015

Problems faced by Beginners and its Solution

This is my second article written specifically for Oracle Apps beginners. In my first article 9 Steps to become Oracle apps Consultant, I had shared the techniques that should be followed in order to make target oriented  efforts to become Oracle Apps Consultant.

In this article, I shall discuss a very important aspect that  almost all beginners need.  Oracle Apps beginners (especially those who are self starters and do not have Oracle Apps in their work environment) should read this article with more concentration as the tips given in this article are going to really help them.

Oracle Apps Beginners

One big tragedy is that beginners are not welcomed even for interview as they lack the real time experience and frankly speaking  I have seen many beginners failing in the jobs because they get training and somehow they pass interviews by learning the interview questions but since they own mostly the theoretical knowledge hence they fail at practical when any real time situation occurs.  I was also in similar boat long time back. But then i did an amazing thing that gave me confidence and real like experience and now i am in.

What i Did to overcome this real experience barrier

Oracle HRMS

I contacted with people who were already working in oracle apps and had rich exposure of field knowledge. I requested them to provide me the assignments which they have worked or they are currently working at their offices.  Some of them agreed to provide me real assignments.  I purchased these forms/ reports/ alerts / setup documents.  Although they charged me a high price but I was delighted to get these objects since I was under  impression that these objects would be like plug and play in my vision instance.

But again there was another challenge that the objects (forms or reports) that i had purchased were referencing different custom objects, value sets Ids, lookup Id which obviously were not existing in oracle vision instance. It means i was not able to run those objects. Then i tried to learn the  business requirement and tried to write queries and implemented myself in bits and parts. During all this exercise, i was able to understand the type of real time requirements, concepts of implementing new requirement, customization needs etc.  All this took a lot of my time but it paid me back finally.

What i suggest for Beginners

While i was going through transitional phase which i have explained above, i was continuously searching for some authentic source which could provide me business requirement, AIM Methodology documents (like MD50, MD70, BR100), Technical Objects (like Forms/ Reports/ Alerts Queries/ OAF Code Snippets/ Workflow) at one place and all objects should be based on Vision instance.

But unfortunately i could not find any such source at that time. So i had thought to create such a platform that should serve as one stop shop for beginners as well as professional.

As i am a strong believer of Learn Share and Grow through sharing knowledge and techniques. So this idea came into my mind to develop small assignments (all based on Vision instance). These assignments should be based on some real time business requirement that i have seen or my colleagues have seen at their work place. All relevant AIM Methodology documents should be accompanied along with the technical objects which ever applicable.

In this way, beginners shall be able to download these small assignments,  learn the business requirement and then implement on their own on Vision instance. It will give them a real like experience. The best part is that all assignments will be based upon standard oracle objects and if there are any custom objects needed, those will be separately explained and provided as part of assignment objects.

One Stop Shop Model


Oracle HRMS Concepts

I am really delighted to share that this one stop shop model is in place now and i have started creating the small and big assignments that will fulfill all your needs.  These assignments will range from easy to complex requirement  usable for both beginners and professionals.  Following objects will be delivered with each assignment

  • Complete Business Requirement
  • Small Video explaining the requirement and solution
  • AIM document MD 50
  • AIM document MD 70
  • Technical Objects (Forms/ Reports/ SQL Queries/ OAF Code etc)
  • Small Demo of implemented solution

Note: Link for available assignments is provided at the end of this article.

What is benefit in it

For Beginners:

Beginners can use it as a road map. They can select the assignments related to their module, interest and expertise. They can practice on their vision instance and have feel of real like experience. It will give them good exposure and boost up their standing in front of interviewer as well as in job. When they will start job, they will feel comfortable from day 1.

For Professionals:

As there are many ways of doing one thing. Professionals can use these assignments for reference. As i have planned to do integration projects, reconciliation reports, third party interfacing projects, these will be really helpful and definitely attract the attention of professionals who are already on Apps Jobs.

For Myself:

Definitely, if you will purchase these objects, i shall be getting few bucks in return. But what is most important for me is that in this way, i shall be sharing my knowledge and expertise with people and helping them to grow.

In the end i just want to ask you, if you have liked this concept and you agree with my approach, please join your voice with my voice to spread it to all others who really need it. Please share this article in your circle and Lets start to Learn Share and Grow.

Available Assignments

Available Assignment (Requirement + Complete Solutions)