Example of Using Profile Values in Value Sets

By | May 21, 2015

In my previous article i shared the steps to use profile values in Forms Personalization. In this article of Oracle HRMS Overview, i shall share the steps for using profile values in value sets.

Syntax to Use Profile Values in Value Sets

Following Diagram shows the syntax to use the profiles values within the value set.

Profile Values

If you do not remember the syntax or want to see other value sets where clause, through following query you can find the where clause for other value sets

select Additional_where_Clause
where  Additional_where_Clause is not null

How to Find out other possible profile values

Click on the Examine following the navigation shown in the diagram below

Profile Values 1

Following screen will appear. Click on small button appearing against the Block Field

Oracle HRMS

select the $Profiles$ as shown beloe

Profile Values in Oracle HRMS

Now click on small button against Field text box as shown below

Oracle Apps Profile Values

It will display big list of values. All these values are set by Oracle Apps environment at run time. We can use these values pragmatically in our logic

Profiles in Oracle Apps


Following is the List of Commonly used Profiles:


Syntax to use will be following


Alternate Way to use Profiles is given in this article.

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