Steps to Create Dependent Value Set in Oracle Apps

By | June 18, 2015

In this article of Oracle HRMS Overview, i am going to show the steps to create dependent value set. In this example i have used value sets with validation type of Table. There are different type of validation types that can be used as per the requirement basis.

In Example, we are going to first create a Category value set which is based on a table. Then we shall create a second value set that should fetch the data based on value selected in first value set. I have ignored the navigation parts and shown only the Value Set creation forms.

$FLEX$.<Independent Value Set Name> is the syntax to reference the parent value set.

Creating First value Set (Independent Value set)

This is a category value set. It is taking values from a custom view CATL_OBJ_PARENT_CATGRY_V. It shows all master categories defined in OLM.

Independent Value Set in Oracle Apps

Creating Second Value Set (Dependent Value Set)

This is definition of independent value set. This is based on View CATL_OBJ_SUB_CATGRY_V. In this value set, we are passing the value of master category Id which is selected by user in above value set.

In this way, this value set will show only the sub categories relevant to main category. Main category Id is referenced through syntax $FLEX$.<Independent Value Set Name>

Dependent Value Set in Oracle Apps

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