Compile Fast Formula from Pl/SQL

By | July 20, 2015

In this article of Oracle HRMS Overview, I am sharing the way to compile a fast formula from back end.  Normally it is not much needed functionality. But there could be a situation when you want to compile a list of fast formulas from back end or system might starts getting hang when you open application. In such cases you can use this code to compile oracle HRMS fast formula using PL SQL.

Find the Working copy of code. Only you need to change the values mentioned in red color.

p_formula_type_name VARCHAR2(100) := ‘Oracle Payroll’;
p_formula_name VARCHAR2(100) := ‘XXLSG_EARNED_LEAVE_ACCRUAL‘;
lv_req_id NUMBER(15) := NULL;
lv_phase VARCHAR2(50) := NULL;
lv_status VARCHAR2(50) := NULL;
lv_dev_phase VARCHAR2(50) := NULL;
lv_dev_status VARCHAR2(50) := NULL;
lv_message VARCHAR2(4000) := NULL;
lv_request_complete BOOLEAN := FALSE;
le_error EXCEPTION;

Fnd_Global.APPS_INITIALIZE(user_id =>45274,
resp_id =>50808,
resp_appl_id =>800);

lv_req_id := Fnd_Request.submit_request
( application => ‘FF’
, program => ‘SINGLECOMPILE’
, sub_request => FALSE
, argument1 => p_formula_type_name
, argument2 => p_formula_name


dbms_output.put_line(‘lv_req_id ‘||lv_req_id );

IF lv_req_id = 0 THEN
dbms_output.put_line(‘Error: Unable to submit formula compilation’);
dbms_output.put_line(‘Successfully submitted’);

— Now wait for job to complete
lv_request_complete := fnd_concurrent.wait_for_request
( request_id => lv_req_id
, max_wait => 7200
, phase => lv_phase
, status => lv_status
, dev_phase => lv_dev_phase
, dev_status => lv_dev_status
, message => lv_message

IF lv_request_complete AND  lv_phase = ‘Completed’ AND
lv_status = ‘Normal’
dbms_output.put_line(‘Formula compilation successfully completed’);
ELSIF NOT lv_request_complete OR lv_status = ‘Error’  THEN
dbms_output.put_line(‘Formula compilation completed in Error’);

WHEN others  THEN
dbms_output.put_line(‘Exception ‘ ||SQLERRM);

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