How to Enable Oracle Alerts License on Vision Instance

By | August 21, 2016

This article is written for those who are working on their vision instance and want to use the alert functionality first time on vision instance.

By default when you install Vision instance, Only few application are licensed. You need to license the required products in order to use it.

It is very easy to license the products. Following are the steps to license the Oracle Alerts product in Vision Instance

Login with SysAdmin

Oracle HRMS Overview un1

Click on License Manager Function as shown below

Oracle HRMS Overview un 2

Click on Products

Oracle HRMS Overview un 3

Click Continue

Oracle HRMS Overview un 4

Click Next, Next and Finally click on Submit button to complete the licensing wizard. Once you submit, you will get a confirmation message for applications being licensed.

From main screen, click on Licensed Products and you can find the Status of Alert Application as Licensed.

Oracle HRMS Overview un 5

screenshot below shows the Alert Application as Licensed

Oracle HRMS Overview un 6

Likewise make sure that Human Resources Application is also licensed. Otherwise Human resources application will not appear in your application LOV on Define Alert Form

Note: If Alert application is not licensed, you will get following error

Oracle HRMS Overview un 7

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