Steps to Compile a Fast Formula

By | December 20, 2016

How to Compile a Fast Formula

Following are the steps to compile a fast formula from Oracle HRMS application

oraclehrmsoverview untitled

Go to following navigation

oraclehrmsoverview unti 1

Open the form

oraclehrmsoverview unti 2

Find the Formula

oraclehrmsoverview unti 3

Click on Edit Button

oraclehrmsoverview unti 4

Following screen will open.

oraclehrmsoverview unti 5

Click on Verify button. Once formula is verified. Message for successful compilation will be displayed in the bottom of the screen

oraclehrmsoverview unti 6

Note: In case there are some errors in compilation, errors will be shown. You need to fix the errors accordingly and recompile by clicking on verify button.
Close the screen

oraclehrmsoverview unti 7

Now Click Save to keep the changes.

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