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Steps to Create Alert in Oracle HRMS

By | September 1, 2016

In this post, you will find the steps to create the alerts in oracle hrms. By default when you install Vision instance, Only few application are licensed. You need to license the required products in order to use it. If you are working on vision instance, Please find the steps to enable alerts license mentioned… Read More »

Apps Trainings

By | February 27, 2015

Free Option to Advertise Your Apps Training Taking one more initiative towards sharing and growth, I have dedicated this place for Apps related training ads. This is a free option that any one (individual or organization) can avail to display his training details. On this free blog, every day 400 to 500 users visit, you… Read More »

Core HR SQL Queries

By | February 24, 2015

Organization through Organization Hierarchy Find the Parent Organization of a Particular Type through Organization Hierarchy on the basis of any organization. For Example I need the Branch Name on the basis of any organization (Department, Sub Department or Section under it. Download Org Hierachy Query Find Organization Manager Query There is one screen which hold… Read More »

Free Oracle Self Service (SSHR) Online Test

By | February 22, 2015

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API to Create External Learning – OTA_NHS_API

By | December 14, 2014

Background of External Learning Create API In previous article we covered to create the courses through API and in this article we shall cover external learning for an employee. In OLM when an employees attends a course or training from outside of the organization, it is called external learning. We can use following API to… Read More »

Oracle HRMS Fast Formula Overview

By | November 22, 2014

In this article of oracle hrms overview, We have provided the concepts of oracle hrms fast formula and its syntax. Working example and code is also given for your ready reference. Summary of Contents Oracle Fast Formula Overview Uses of Oracle Fast Formula In Payroll In Compensation and Benefits In People Management Oracle Fast Formula… Read More »

2 Simple Steps to make a Responsibility Read Only in Oracle Apps.

By | October 31, 2014

How to make a Responsibility Read Only in Oracle Apps? Solution Concept: By setting the profile option HR:Query Only Mode at responsibility level, you can make a responsibility read only. Step by Step solution: Login with System Administrator responsibility and navigate to Profile-> System menu as shown below in the picture Form for profile option… Read More »

Enable Diagnostic Examine Option in Oracle Apps

By | October 26, 2014

Problem Statement: While working in oracle, you might want to know the detail through Diagnostic->Examine option, but when you try to open the examine form, you end up with following message. Function not available to this responsibility: Change responsibilities or contact your system  Following is the error screen.. Cause: This error comes because, you don’t have… Read More »